Board Games & Tabletop Role-Playing games

Board Games

I own several hundred board games and board game expansions. I am available to run Board Game Nights (or days) for a fee if you are interested, where I bring an assortment of board games to you, and can also help you learn how to play them. Follow the link after this to see my board game collection, as well as information about each game. The link below that one brings you to my Board Game Geek collection page. There you can see how each game rates when ranked against all the other games in the world, as well as providing much more information for each game.

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Takenoko being played
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Tsuro game in progress
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Role-Playing Games

Apart from board games, I also have role-playing games. The most popular role-playing game by far is Dungeons and Dragons. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in the late 1970’s, and am an experienced Dungeon Master for the current iteration of the game (fifth edition). I am available for hire to run games of Dungeons and Dragons for groups of all experience levels, ranging from people who have never played the game through to veterans.  For newer players I would suggest using only the Player’s Handbook to design a character. If this describes you, click on the image to the left for some of the basics involved in the game.  If you are more experienced and are looking for a bit more flavour, click on the image to the right for significantly more options.

Dungeons and Dragons is fun!
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Dungeons and Dragons for more advanced players
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